Thursday, January 13, 2011

Billbergia Luna Blanca

Many Billbergias are characterized by their spotted leaves and Bill. 'Luna Blanca' is no exception.  The more light they get, the more spots will be in the leaves.  However, they look their best when protected from the intense mid-day sun.  The white spotting seems to make the blooms really stand out.
Leaves grow to about a foot long, but not many of them are produced before flowering.
The blooms can emerge anytime in fall, winter, or spring.  Typical of most Billbergia species, the inflorescence doesn't last long.  Three weeks is about the maximum you can expect.  Fortunately, the colorful foliage provides year-round interest.


lotusleaf said...

Beautiful shots. I hace the plant, but did not know its name.

Jenn said...

Another beautiful series of pics!


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