Sunday, February 7, 2010

Camellia japonica

It's now the peak season for Camellia japonica and their beautiful blooms are everywhere.  Thousands of varieties exist, mostly in shades of pink, white, or red.  They are native to China but are popular in all regions where they grow (USDA Zones 6-9).  They prefer filtered light and an evenly moist, acid soil.  Camellias are slow growers with a shrubby habit but can eventually reach 15-20 feet after many years.  The dark green, glossy leaves are attractive year-round.
This is a favorite in my yard.  The blooms are 4-5 inches across.


Ami said...

Beautiful flower! Love that pink, white mixed hues. Too bad it can not grow in my zone 10 garden. Thanks for sharing.

Floridagirl said...

I so love camellias, especially the japonicas. Their flowers are so huge, and, in my opinion, their beauty rivals the rose. My japonicas are nearing the end of their bloom time :-( Just a few buds left. They've been in bloom for over two months now. I will miss them until next winter. What cultivar is pictured in this post?

Bernie said...

You do have a gorgeous camellia ... they are certainly a lovely plant even when they're not if flower.

Kimberly said...

I really like your camellia! Such beautiful, big blooms!


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