Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's New - December 2010

This is my monthly report of all the small things taking place in the garden.  Click on the links to see a complete plant profile.  The citrus trees have all developed good color and the limbs are hanging heavy with fruit.
Minneola Tangelo
I have a stalk of Dwf. Cavendish bananas starting to ripen, and one late Pomegranate fruit that is starting to show color.  The Jaboticaba trees have been blooming and should be ready to pick by Christmas.  White Sapote is just starting to bloom and should continue throughout the winter.  Loquats are filling the air with the spicy fragrance of their flowers.
Sugarberry trees are nearly bare already and the Pecan is just starting to turn a little yellow.  The Ceiba trees have lost most of their leaves and the last of the flowers are blooming high up in the top of the tree.
Short-day flowering plants like Camellias and Kalanchoe are full of buds and should be blooming by the end of the month.  The Marble Poinsettia bracts are also starting to show some color and will become more beautiful with each passing day.
That's all for today!  Check back again next month to see What's New in my garden!


NanaK said...

All those fruits sound yummy! This is the first year I have a poinsettia in-ground and mine is showing color too. It's so neat that you have flowers and fruit for every season.

Susan said...

Your citrus tree really is loaded with fruit. We've been enjoying tangerines for awhile now, but our lemons are taking their sweet time in ripening up. Love that white poinsettia.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures. Fresh citrus in December, what a treat!

Andrea said...

Wow, those citrus fruits are so plenty for a tree! What kind of citrus are those. I also posted some of our fruits from our property today, haha!

AaronVFT said...

Love your citrus tree. So full with fruits! I'm quite a fan of poinsettia too.