Monday, June 6, 2011

Harvest Monday - June 2011

On the first Monday of every month, I spotlight what I'm harvesting that week. I also join in on the Harvest Monday meme hosted by Daphne's Dandelions.
The severe drought we're in has adversely affected the harvests all spring. We should have received over 14 inches of rain by the end of May, but we've only had six inches.
Here's what is still producing:
Elderberries are doing well, and there is fruit to pick every day. In fact, I've been giving them away!
The White Sapote harvest season is just getting started, but the tree is loaded with fruit. I may be making White Sapote pie again this year!
This is a very ripe Persian Lime! Their season is also just getting started, and I'll be picking fresh limes over the next several months.
Valencia oranges are a late-season variety, and they are the last to be picked. They are considered the best juicing orange, but they're delicious eaten out of hand too!
In addition to the tree fruits, I've also been picking a few tomatoes here and there as they ripen. Unfortunately, our dry weather has been accompanied by high temperatures which inhibit tomato pollination. June is supposed to be our rainiest month of the year, so my fingers are crossed that the downpours will begin any day now!


wilderness said...

Your fruit all looks so wonderful. The only fruit tree that produces well here is apple.

FlowerLady said...

What delicious things you have to eat.

We also need rain down here as we are in extreme drought conditions, something that hasn't happened before.


Andrea said...

Harvest time is always very exciting, most especially if you toiled for producing them.

kitsapFG said...

I just love looking at all your beautiful citrus fruits! We do grow elderberries in our region, but oranges and other citrus are just a tropical dream for us.

Megan said...

Gorgeous fruit! I can't even imagine getting to grow things like that! You should have taken some of our rain in May, we've had way more than normal!

Lynda said...

What in the world is a sapote? I just love your posts...I spend the next hour on GOOGLE learning about all the wonderful tree fruit you are able to grow!

Barbie said...

It all looks wonderful! Hopefully our afternoon showers will kick in sooN!!!!

Debbie in MS said...

All the fruit looks so delicious!!

The extreme heat and drought is effecting the pollination of my tomatoes, too. (sadness)

Robin said...

I haven't had elderberries in years. You really should make some elderberry jelly. It is absolutely wonderful. We had elderberries on the farm when I was growing up and my mother made jelly every year.

Anonymous said...

Bet the birds were appreciate it if you left some elderberries for them.

Daphne said...

Interesting fruit. I'd never heard of sapote before either.

Shawn Ann said...

All the fruit looks so good! Hope you have your rain soon, I'd share some of ours if we could!


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