Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Neoregelia rosea-lineata

Neoregelia rosea-lineata is a large-growing bromeliad, reaching up to 3 feet in width. The foliage is marked with red striations and the center of the plant blushes red as the plant approaches maturity and blooming. Sometimes the foliage has red mottling mixed with the striations as in the photo below. Other plants may exhibit only red lines as in the top photo.
One plant of mine put off a pup that was all mottled. I've propagated that one through several generations and it appears to be a stable mutation.
Like most Neoregelias, these tolerate brief periods of freezing temperatures without damage as long as frost is kept off the leaves. A little morning sun with shade the rest of the day keeps the colors bright.


catharine Howard said...

Another stunning collection

Andrea said...

Jim i always associate you with lots of plants and harvests, and you are so diligent in your farm. I just would like to know if you have lithops too?

Grower Jim said...

Andrea, I grew lithops years ago, but don't have any now. I have been adding more succulents to my collection lately so maybe I'll grow them again soon.