Thursday, April 18, 2013

Suessenguthia multisetosa

Suessenguthia multisetosa is a large, somewhat sprawling shrub that blooms throughout the winter and early spring.
The large leaves (up to 18 inches long) lend a tropical look to the landscape when the plant is not in bloom.
New growth is bronze-colored, especially on plants grown in full sun.
When the days shorten in fall, clusters of large hairy buds form at the tip of each stem.
Several lavender-pink flowers at a time open from each cluster throughout the flowering months. Individual flowers are tubular and 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter.
Young stems are flexible and often tend toward a pendant habit, but the main stems at the base of the plant thicken into sturdy trunks with age, often reaching 4 inches in diameter. A persistent leaf scar completely encircles the trunk.
The plant grows to around 10-12 feet tall if un-pruned, but can be maintained at a shorter height with periodic pruning. Just be sure not to trim off any growth in late summer or fall if you want winter blossoms.
This plant is about 8 feet tall.
Suessenguthia is native to Bolivia and is recommended for USDA Zones 9B-11. It grows well in full sun or half shade. In hot, tropical climates afternoon shade will help prevent the large leaves from wilting in the heat.


ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photos:) Greetings

Roger Brook said...

No wonder you call yourself Garden Adventures. It really an adventure visiting your fascinating blog. I never know any of your plants and don't suppose they would grow here in York UK. That would be very adventurous!

Progress Lighting said...

Great explanation and illustration. Please to ride the garden adventure with you.


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