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Thanks for checking out my Buy Plants page! This is the place to buy rhizomes, tubers, cuttings and small plants.
If you're in Central Florida, you may want to check out the Sales locations page for where to buy my products locally. I have over 100 varieties of plants for sale that I normally do not ship.

Shipping of all orders will usually be on Monday-Wednesday of each week so you will receive plants before the weekend.  Do not order plants if your area will receive freezing temperatures during the shipping week.  I am not responsible for the weather!
I ship to continental U.S. addresses only. 

Payments can be made by credit card through PayPal (a secure site).
Florida Nursery Registration #47220368

Click on the highlighted plant name for a complete profile.  When you are finished shopping on this page, visit my Buy Bromeliads page or Buy Seeds page to add to your order, then scroll to the bottom to view cart and check out.

Also check out my eBay store for seeds and plants that  I only have available in smaller quantities.

Alpinia calcarata
Rhizomes ready to plant. Free shipping!

select quantity:

Cassava (Yuca)
Sold out for the spring 2018 season. More cuttings will be available in late summer or fall.

Cheilocostus speciosus
Small un-rooted plantlets removed from the stem. Ready to plant in 4" or 6" pots.
Free shipping!  (only available May-June)

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Costus pictus
Rhizomes ready to plant. Free shipping!

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Rhizomes ready to plant. Free shipping!

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Cuban oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus)
Terminal stem cuttings. Free shipping!
(invoice will say Caribbean oregano because the U.S. government puts a hold on all transactions with the word "Cuba".)
Currently out of season.

Helianthus tuberosus (Sunchoke)
Only available Dec. through March. Free shipping!
Sold out for the season!

Longevity spinach
Terminal stem cuttings, unrooted and ready to plant. Free shipping!
Currently out of stock.

Maranta arundinaceae (Arrowroot)
Sold out for the season.

Neomarica gracilis (Walking Iris)
Offsets from the end of the flower stalk, usually without roots. Free shipping!

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Okinawa spinach
Currently out of stock.

Tindora (sterile cultivar)
Sold out for the season.

Zingiber zerumbet (Shampoo ginger)
Only available Dec. through Mar.
Freshly dug rhizome sections capable of producing multiple stems. Free shipping!

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