Friday, January 22, 2010

Neoregelia 'Sheba'

Neoregelia 'Sheba' is a very sturdy little bromeliad that's great for landscaping. Plants grow about a foot tall and up to 18 inches wide. I have them lining a curved garden path where they get mostly shade and no irrigation. There are always a few in bloom, and even when they're not, the green and white leaves add a nice splash of color.
When grown with some direct sun, 'Sheba' changes its colors completely. Here's what they look like with some mid-day summer sun:

And here's what they look like with full sun nearly all day:
This is an excellent example of why it's nearly impossible to correctly identify hybrid Neoregelias that have lost their tags; growing conditions can completely change the look of a plant.

Neoregelia 'Sheba' will take temps in the mid 20's F with no problem whatsoever, as long as frost doesn't settle on the leaves. The canopy of a leafy tree is all the protection they need.
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