Monday, June 28, 2010

Nidularium leprosa

Nidularium leprosa is a beautiful bromeliad that is great for shady areas. 
The plant has dark green leaves and the new growth is marked with attractive purple spots.  It has a somewhat upright growth habit and will reach about 12-14" tall, but the leaves are long and the plant has a 30 inch spread. 
As bloom-time nears, the new growth turns lavender with purple spots.  Eventually red buds emerge from the center of the plant, which turn pink as they open. 

The lavender coloration on the bracts will darken slightly and remain vivid for about two months, and then start to fade.
Nidularium leprosa prefers full to dappled shade and they appear to be fairly cold hardy.  Mine in pots under the canopy of a large tree were not damaged by temps in the upper 20°F range, but if they were in an exposed area, I would expect frost damage on the leaves. 
I have not tried these in the ground yet, but they would seem to be an ideal candidate for shady, somewhat protected areas.


Steve Asbell said...

I always love your brom profiles! I have been told by growers in Gainesville that it is among the hardier bromeliads for North Central Florida, but I also suspect that its preference for shade is also helpful.

biobabbler said...

Wow. I LOVE bromeliads, and don't know why. Thanks for sharing!