Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's New

What's New is my monthly roundup of all the miscellaneous happenings taking place in my garden.
The rainy season has begun and the plants are rejoicing!
This month the peach harvest is just starting. 
I'm continuing to pick Jaboticaba, Chickasaw Plum, Surinam Cherry, and Cherry of the Rio Grande.
There are still a few citrus to be had:  Ruby Red Grapefruit, Valencia oranges, Sweet Lemon, and Kumquats.
The Macadamia nuts, white sapote, and the pomegranates are starting to swell on the trees.
The deciduous gingers are mostly all up and growing.  Amorphophallus has shot out of the ground in the past couple of weeks. 
In the garden I've pulled up the peas and stripped off any remaining pods to shell out and use in soup at a later date.  The lettuce is also done for the season but the turnip greens are still going strong.
Quite a few pineapples are blooming and starting to develop fruit.
Since the hard freeze we had in January, the bananas are putting out pups like crazy! 
The large stalks that didn't freeze back have leafed out and should be blooming within the next couple of months.
My Chestnut tree is blooming for the first time!  I think the cold winter we had must have been good for it.
The butterfly garden is coming into full bloom.  Gulf Fritillary butterflies are everywhere! 
But where are all the Zebra Longwings?  Usually my place is swarming with them.


NanaK said...

Your harvests are so plentiful. You must have lots of good healthy meals from your bountiful garden. I hadn't thought about it, but I haven't seen any zebra longwings this year yet either. I usually have lots of them. The other butterflies are here in abundance though.

Bonnie said...

The peaches look wonderful. I just picked my first strawberries yesterday up here in zone 4. I never thought of posting pictures of the food in my garden, I'll have to give that a shot.

Paula said...

I am amzed that you have pulled out your peas! I just polanted mine last week! WE are in zone 4. Love your plants they look great! Paula in Idaho

AaronVFT said...

Those fruits make me hungry!

zentmrs said...

Oh your peaches look heavenly!

Jami said...

Visiting your blog is like going to another country with all the different things you can grow and different times things are ripe! What fun.

Thanks for linking up to the Tuesday Garden Party.


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