Monday, April 4, 2011

Harvest Monday - April 2011

On the first Monday of every month I show off what I'm eating from the garden. For today's harvest, I'm showing how everything looks as it's growing. Here's what I'm picking in the garden today:

Persian Lime, Loquat
Sweet Lemon, Kumquat
Orlando Tangelo, Valencia Orange
Honeybell, Navel Orange

Marsh Grapefruit, Ruby Red Grapefruit
Calamondin, Starfruit
Mandarin, Glycosmis

I was also picking Jaboticaba this week, but there were no ripe ones today for the photo.

Now that I'm growing potted herbs to sell at the Farm Swap Meet, I always have plenty of fresh clippings to use in the kitchen:

Parsley, Lemon Balm
Mint, Catnip
Okinawa Spinach, Cilantro
Culantro, Basil
Cuban Oregano, Greek Oregano

To see what other gardeners are harvesting today, visit Daphne's Dandelions, host of the weekly Harvest Monday meme.


Robin said...

I have to say that you are one lucky gardener to have such a nice orchard!! I have a little orchard envy :)

It looks like you have a very nice variety of herbs in your herb garden too!!

Kimberly said...

Jim, your harvest always amazes me!! This one is NO exception! Your citrus looks heavenly!!

kitsapFG said...

Looking at your Harvest Monday posts is like taking a mini tropical vacation. :D

Lovely fruit and herbs!

Daphne said...

I so envy those honeybells. They are just so tasty.

Lynda said...

I love your orchard photos...I can smell the citrus...YUMMY! Your herbs look great, too. I found a fellow selling starfruit trees in Sacramento (down the road from me)so I'm going to see about growing some. I can only hope they are as nice as yours.

Missy said...

What a great range of fruit trees -especially all the citrus. Add me to the jealousy list.

lotusleaf said...

What a variety of fruit you grow! The herbs are so inviting!

DD said...

Amazing. I'm very jealous of the variety of fruits you have there, some of them I've never heard off and woudl never be able to grow in England unless I had a hothouse. Enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Andrea said...

Bountiful harvest and beautiful colors too!

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