Sunday, October 24, 2010

Clerodendrum bungei

Clerodendrum bungei plants grow single-stalked, 3 to 5 feet in height.  Each stalk is topped by a showy cluster of pink flowers that also have a pleasant fragrance.  Cashmir Bouquet and Rose Glory Bower are among the common names for this plant.  Flowers appear non-stop, spring, summer, and fall.  Butterflies enjoy the steady supply of nectar, especially Swallowtails.
This plant is native to China and northern India, and is listed for USDA Zones 7-11.  They tend to drop their leaves, even in relatively mild winters, and will appear as bare sticks for a couple of months.
Clerodendrum bungei is one of the most invasive species of the genus but also has among the most beautiful blooms.  If you have to grow this plant, keep it in a pot with a saucer underneath to prevent the spread of roots, and also remove flower heads as soon as they fade to prevent seed dispersal.


Rainforest Gardener said...

Why does the most invasive one have to be the prettiest? :(

Molly said...

Beautiful Flowers. Can these grow in Mn? Maybe inside?

Grower Jim said...

Rainforest Gardener: I know! Isn't that frustrating?

Molly: You might be able to grow them as a potted plant outside for the summer and then overwinter them inside. It's worth a try, and in your climate you wouldn't have to worry about them escaping!

Anonymous said...

Invasive!? Hmm. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we can barely keep this one going from year to year.

Michael in Spokane said...

This one has become one of my prettiest weeds. The mower keeps it down in the lawn. It has now colonized an area of about 100 square feet, in Zone 6b Spokane, WA.


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