Monday, October 4, 2010

Harvest Monday - October

Today's harvest holds lots of deliciousness!  In the photo above, clockwise from upper left, we have Pineapple, Persimmon, Key Lime, Persian Lime, Avocado, and Passionfruit.
Big harvests are coming in for Starfruit,
and Pecans.
The squirrels have already been "testing" some of the pecans to see if they're ready.
Also on the menu this week:  Jaboticaba, Glycosmis, and Limequat.
Click on any of the highlighted fruits for a complete profile.  It's all good!

Harvest Monday is the first Monday of every month on this blog.  To see what's ready in gardens everywhere, go to Daphne's Dandelions, host blog of the Harvest Monday meme.


kitsapFG said...

What an exotic mix of fruits and nuts! It all looks so delicious.

Anonymous said...

From where I sit, in central Illinois where it got down to 34 degrees last night, that's an amazing harvest. We'll actually, it'd be amazing anywhere.

One said...

That's a lot of fruits and pecans!

Robin said...

Wow, What beautiful harvest! I have never seen most of what you have harvested growing.

takaeko said...

Persimmon is my family's favorite fruit!

There are many persimmon trees in my wife's parent's home and we harvest tons of persimmon fruits every year.

The persimmon will be mature in about 2,3 months and I'll post the harvest in my blog.

Barbie~ said...

MMMmmm Looks delish! I see a tropical fruit salad happening. :-)
Lemons and limes for me soon, and the pecan trees are heavy but not dropping yet.

thyme2garden said...

What a treat it must be to be able to grow all those tropical fruits on your property. They look beautiful and fresh.

Carla said...

Yum! I wish I were there to help you eat all those goodie.

NanaK said...

Is pecan pie in your future? What wonderful harvests you always have. Each season just brings more deliciousness.

Daphne Gould said...

Love that first basket. Pineapples are so tasty when they are fresh picked. Yum. I hadn't even thought of nut trees when I planned out what to put in my yard. Hmm. I wonder if they make dwarf nut trees? And what (besides walnuts) would grow up here in the north.

Esther Montgomery said...

And none of them grow in my garden. Another world. Very impressed.

Esther Montgomery