Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aechmea miniata

Aechmea miniata is a bromeliad with long-lasting color that can bloom at nearly any time of the year.  Small blue flowers emerge from a bright orange, branching flower stalk.  After the bloom is finished, the orange "berries" remain for a couple more months, slowly darkening in color.
Aechmea miniata grows about 18" tall and wide.  It prefers early morning or late afternoon sun, with shade during the hottest part of the day.  Mine that grow under the protective canopy of a tree, suffered little damage during the last hard freeze.


Bellen said...

Just found your blog thru the Rainforest Garden. Nice!
Live in Charlotte County and am trying to find summer producing fruit that will grow well here, guavas sound good and have Persian Limes and Starfruit but no production yet.

The bromelaids are on my wish list for pots in the front of the house - I find them beautiful and extremely exotic.

BernieH said...

The flower on this brom is so beautiful ... I wouldn't mind trying to find one of these for my garden.

Sheri - Creative Spaces Landscaping said...

So happy to have found your blog! Super informative as I have just found the name of a bromeliad that I lost the plant tag to (aechmea miniata in purple),lol,...thank you!!! I also liked your FB page via my company Creative Spaces.
Keep up the great work...rockin' blog!

Happy Gardening & best wishes,