Friday, August 6, 2010

Creature Feature - Hornworm

This month's Creature Feature is a Hornworm.  Hornworms are often considered to be damaging pests of tomato plants but since this one is feeding on a fast-growing Clerodendrum, I'll leave him be.  As adults, Hornworms are known as Hawk moths or Sphinx moths.

The First Friday Creature Feature is a monthly event with a new creature every month.  Check back next month to find out what other creatures are lurking in my garden!


Rosey said...

My he is a juicy one.

Good photo.

Kimberly said...

Jim, I was somehow unaware of your monthly creature feature. I'd chime in, if I'd known. I'll try to remember from now on. I've had several "creatures" lately that I've posted about...creepy!
I like your hornworm. I didn't realize they're so pretty. The patterns on it's back are really cool!

rohrerbot said...

These are really cool catepillars....I had a couple that I thought were going to attack me on my chitalpa tree last year so I left them on....I didn't want to pull them off...didn't have the heart to....but the bats did:)

AaronVFT said...

Cool! Though I usually kill any pest, this looks so cute!

Autumn Belle said...

This bug is very clever at camourflage. Hopefully, its predators can't find it.

Susan said...

What a great idea for a monthly post!


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