Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cestrum diurnum (Day Jasmine)

Cestrum diurnum is the counterpoint to Cestrum nocturnum.  This one releases its fragrance during the day.  The leaves of the Day Jasmine are smaller, thicker, and darker green.  The growth habit is stiffer and more upright to a height of 6-8 foot.  This species is also more cold hardy; it is supposed to tolerate temperatures in the low 20's F.
The tubular flowers of C. diurnum are white, with the scent of honey.  Many references describe it as a chocolate fragrance.  Maybe they think chocolate sells better than honey?  At least one nursery sells this as 'White Chocolate Jasmine'.
Flowers appear year-round with each flush of new growth.
The plant is invasive in some tropical regions.

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NanaK said...

Pretty neat to be able to have both night and day fragrance. Gives me ideas.... Maybe a future purchase.