Monday, November 1, 2010

Harvest Monday - November 2010

For Harvest Monday this month, we're in a transition between warm-season crops and cool season.  We are also in the middle of a severe drought, so many of the winter tree crops may have drastically reduced yields.
Starfruit are ready by the bushel now.
I'm also picking Avocados every week, although it is a small crop this year.
I ate the last Persimmon off the tree this week and I picked the last of the Maypops. Many of these passionfruit vines are already dried up and dormant.
I'm still picking a few Persian Limes and Key Limes.  The Kumquats are ready to pick as well as some of their citrus relatives. Sweet Lemon, Minneola Tangelo, and Hamlin Oranges are all on the menu.
In the garden I'm picking green snap beans, yellow wax beans, Okinawa spinach, Cuban oregano, Italian parsley, and peppermint.
To see what gardeners everywhere are harvesting today, visit Daphne's Dandelions, host blog of the Harvest Monday meme.


Robin said...

The Starfruit are an interesting looking fruit. I have never eaten one. You have many wonderful fruits that we can only grow inside up here in the cold cold north.

prue said...

I don't think I've ever seen so many starfruit at once! Good looking harvest

kitsapFG said...

Reading your blog harvest recaps is like taking a mini exotic vacation!

p3chandan said...

Your starfruits look soooo juicy and sweet!

Barbie said...

MMMmmm... Starfruit - looks delicious! I'm still debating getting one. I know it will freeze and wonder how big the tree would need to get before it could survive? No Avacados for ust his year. Next years crop should be amazing!

TYRA said...

It is painful yet wonderful to visit you,grower Jim. One wonder 'why do I here in the cold north' :-)
Great harvest abolutely fab.


Grower Jim said...

Barbie: Your location in Zone 9a is only a few degrees cooler than here. You could wrap the trunk for the first couple of years and after that it should be able to withstand freezes. You might get some dieback on the upper branches but they should still produce more fruit than you can eat!

Daphne said...

Goodness. Look at all those star fruit. Do you preserve them in some way?

Grower Jim said...

Daphne: I have made jam with them but I consume most of them fresh or juiced. They make an excellent cobbler too! I also sell some and give away the rest.

Stevie from said...

I'm green with envy! I'll trade you my cabbage and kale...!


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