Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What's New - November 2010

This fall we've often had a few days of above normal temps followed by below normal. It has also been extremely dry and the drought index now stands where it normally is at the end of the dry season, rather than the beginning.
The Pyracantha has completed its transformation to fall colors.
The Chestnut tree has turned a shade of yellow and is already dropping many of its leaves. The native Sugarberry is shedding as well, and the Chickasaw Plum is nearly bare.  A few of the Pecan leaves have also loosened and started drifting down.
In the parts of the garden that never get any watering, the Shampoo Ginger is already going dormant, while those that get an occasional spritz with the hose are still lush and green.
Zingiber zerumbet taking a rest
The Ceiba tree is still blooming profusely, and flower buds are forming on the Loquat in preparation of next month's bloom.  There's always something to look forward to in the garden!


takaeko said...

You raise Loquat? I love its fruit so much! sweet and delicious! It's called "Biwa" in Japanese and you see the tree is very popular in Japan when you see its scientific name.

Andrea said...

Hi, what are the economic importance of those yellow fruits, or chestnut tree? They look delicious, or maybe for the birds!

Grower Jim said...

Andrea: The Pyracantha fruits are for the birds, and their ornamental value. We're at the extreme southern edge of where Chestnuts will grow and I've never had any nuts on my tree, although it did flower this year after a cold winter.

Rainforest Gardener said...

Still no flowers on my shampoo ginger, though they are still green since they get water. Hmm, my loquat hasn't bloomed yet either, but its still pretty small.

AaronVFT said...

Those berries are so beautiful!

NanaK said...

We received a nice rain this AM. Sure hoping my thirsty plants will perk up a bit. This is a good time for me to see what is drought tolerant for sure. The shampoo ginger here is still doing well, and their pinecones are hanging in there too. I have a good friend with a loquat tree that keeps me over supplied with fruit. I do like to make freezer jam with them but it's a lot of work! (Small fruit/big seed.) Your pyracantha is so pretty.


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