Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ascocentrum curvifolium

Ascocentrum curvifolium is a very reliable, spring-blooming orchid. With virtually no care at all, this plant will reward you with blooms year after year. The bright orange flowers form large clusters near the ends of the stems. They will stay in good color for 2-3 weeks.
The leaves are about eight inches long, and curve downward. They are very stiff and inflexible, forming a sharp v-shape. In high light, the leaves are often marked with purplish-brown spots. If well-grown, the plant will send out many offshoots, eventually forming a large specimen.
This species needs good air movement around the roots, and can be grown mounted, in slat baskets, or hanging freely in the air. When the weather is warm, they enjoy hanging in a tree where they'll get good air circulation and natural rainfall.
Asctm. curvifolium is native to Thailand, and is often used in hybridizing with other orchids due to its compact size and colorful flowers.


Lisa said...

I wonder how thus would do in Northern California with our rainy winters, and totally dry summers?

Grower Jim said...

Lisa and Robb: It would be best if you protect it from too much rain in the winter, and water when needed in the summer. Not quite as carefree as Florida growing, but still a reliable bloomer.