Monday, May 23, 2011

Jasminum nitidum

Jasminum nitidum is a fragrant shrub that can also be grown as a twining vine. When planted alone, the plant maintains a shrubby form, and wayward growths can be clipped off to keep it in shape. When planted near taller plants or some other type of support, the growth becomes more vine-like, twining around the support and climbing upward. The natural height in shrub form is about 3-4 feet, but as a vine can climb to 15 feet or more.
The white flowers are multi-petaled and fragrant. They appear in clusters on the ends of new growth any time the plant is actively growing. Individual flowers are two inches across. Leaves are dark green and glossy, making the plant attractive even when not in bloom. Flower buds are pinkish in color before opening.
Jasminum nitidum is synonymous with J. ilicifolium and J. magnificum. Some of the common names it is known by include Star jasmine, Shining jasmine, Pinwheel jasmine, Angel wing jasmine, and Windmill jasmine.
This species is recommended for USDA Zones 9-11. A hard freeze in the colder parts of this range may cause some stem die-back but the plant quickly recovers. It is native to the Admiralty Islands of Papua New Guinea.
Growth and flowering will be best in full sun to part shade. Gulf Fritillary and Swallowtail butterflies are attracted to the blooms.

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