Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jasminum sambac

Jasminum sambac, otherwise known as Sambac jasmine or Arabian jasmine, is a highly fragrant shrub for subtropical gardens. The one-inch white flowers appear in small clusters on the ends of new growth, and their fragrance can be detected quite a distance away. Blooming occurs during the warm months, whenever the plant is actively growing.
This species grows as a shrub, but if planted near a support it will send out long shoots that climb straight up. There are no tendrils, and it doesn't twine around the support. Instead, it mostly leans, and eventually will send out rootlets along the stem to attach itself. The plant also spreads by root suckers, and if left to grow, will form a dense thicket. The shrub height will be around 4-6 feet. Leaves are rounded to oval, and bright green in color.
Jasminum sambac is native to southeast Asia. Several cultivars exist that vary in petal count and flower size. It is recommended for USDA Zones 9-11.
Flowering is best in sun or part shade. The flowers are used to make jasmine tea and perfume.

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