Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Creature Feature - Turtle

This month's Creature Feature is a shot of a turtle passing through the back yard.  This may be one of the residents of the many burrows located on my property.


NanaK said...

What a great sight in the garden. I love wildlife to come into my suburban backyard. Sometimes the critters do some damage to the landscape but I still love having them and just adapt. Do you know what kind of tortoise that is?

Steve Asbell said...

I love turtles! This one is a "Florida Cooter" and is one of the more common freshwater turtles in the area. The only Tortoise in Florida is actually the gopher tortoise, which is the one you're most likely to find in dry areas like dunes or pine woods.

Grower Jim said...

Steve: Thanks for the correct identification! The gopher tortoises are the ones I usually see around here.