Monday, April 26, 2010

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Brunfelsia pauciflora)

the flower was purple

the flower is lavender

the flower will be white

Now you know how this plant got its common name! Brunfelsia pauciflora grows 3 to 6 foot tall in USDA Zones 9-12. The flowers are about 2 inches across with a very spicy fragrance. Blooming is heaviest in early spring but sporadic flowers may appear throughout the year.  All three flower colors exist at the same time, covering the plant with blooms.  This native of Brazil prefers part shade to part sun. There are several named cultivars with slightly different growing habits.  Mine seems to be one of the more compact forms.  
Mine has been growing and blooming happily for nearly 20 years and stays about three foot tall. Central Florida freezes have caused no damage to this plant.
The flowers are spectacular and the fragrance carries throughout the landscape on light breezes.


AaronVFT said...

What a cute and unique plant! I love the way it changes colours. It makes the whole plant looks more colourful with different colours at the same time. The flower reminds me of the Madagascar Periwinkle.

Rainforest Gardener said...

I always thought that they were neat but a little too traditional for my garden personally. It would be great alongside plumbago and lantana in a tropical cottage style garden though!

NanaK said...

I have seen this bush blooming everywhere this spring. I love it. I dug a couple seedlings up from someone's yard but no blooms yet. I've only seen very large shrubs never a small one like yours. That's really a nice size.

RBell said...

The plant has always gotten my attention in nurseries, but I've never taken the plunge. Might just have to give it a try.

Ami said...

This a beautiful and interesting plant! Happened to love all three colors! I need to keep an eye on this plant.

Indoor Fountains said...

another great post :-)


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