Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wildflower Meadow in the Yard

This is the time of year when part of my yard becomes a wildflower meadow.  I have several species that come up and bloom in early spring.

There is Spiderwort

and Lyre-leaf sage

and Toadflax

All of these are in the blue to purple color range and they all bloom at the same time so this part of my yard becomes a temporary sea of blue in the spring.

By the time the last of the sage is done blooming, the first to bloom have already matured their seed.  This allows me to then mow the whole thing and there will still be seed scattered for future generations.
If you have an area in your yard for wildflowers, try creating a meadow.  You will enjoy it for years to come!


Florez Nursery said...

Love the look of these plants Jim. Sounds like you are having a great Springtime. Enjoy the moment
cheers Ian

BernieH said...

Such lovely flowers ... how wonderful to have your own meadow filled with wildflowers.

Sandy said...

Love your wildflower meadow! My lawn is full of buttercups, violets, spring beauties, grape hyacinths and what all in the spring and I don't mow it either until they go to seed, and it looks really, well, seedy! Thanks for sharing!

NanaK said...

Lovely area of your yard. Do the lyreleaf sage, toadflax and venus looking glass only bloom once a year in spring? If so, this is something I might consider in my small sunny area of the backyard. I only have "wildflowers" there not much in the way of real grass left. I wouldn't mind leaving them blooming for a month or so in spring before mowing. I left some toadflax and fleabane for a few weeks around the edges of my beds this year and I really enjoyed seeing all the insects buzzing around them when there were no other blooms available.

Grower Jim said...

NanaK: Yes, the Lyre-leaf sage, Toadflax, and Venus' Looking Glass just bloom in the spring. That makes them ideal for a wildflower meadow! The Lyre-leaf sage plants will remain year-round and just lay low against the soil surface until the spring bloom. The other two disappear until next spring.

Sandy: Aren't we glad we don't live under the thumb of an HOA?!

AaronVFT said...

Those miniature sized plants looks so cute. I love the blue flowers.

Carla said...

I wish I had the land for a meadow. The flowers are so pretty and delicate.

Thanks for stopping by my blog Jim, I can't wait for my Justicia to bloom!