Friday, April 9, 2010

Quesnelia arvensis

This is another nice spring-blooming bromeliad that is great for landscaping.  The plants grow 2 to 3 foot tall with an equal spread.  The long, strap-like leaves have finely serrated margins.
In early spring the pinkish-red flower spike emerges from the center of the plant and rises up above the foliage.  The colored portion of the spike grows about 6 to 8" long and is showy even from a distance.  The bloom can last for a couple of months.

The actual flowers are tiny and blue, and emerge from within the red bracts.  They seem to barely open.
The plants are very drought tolerant and cold-hardy.  Mine have survived extended periods in the upper 20° F. range with no damage.

Top view of the flower spike

Plants will grow in mostly sun to light shade.

 Quesnelia arvensis grouping in the landscape.
This is a great plant that could be used more in landscape plantings where it is hardy.
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Steve Asbell said...

I've discovered that this is my bromeliad... The one difference on mine is that the inflorescence is branched a bit at the base...